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Unique Villages to Visit in Canada: Olympic Village, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver’s Olympic Village was originally constructed to house 3000 athletes from around the world attending both the 2010 Olympics and Paralympic games.

However, following the success of the games, the village became known to locals as a ghost-town, as it did not meet the demands of locals needs and lost its excitement when the games had finished. Vancouver has since then re-vamped the energy attached to the village and inspired residents to gather back there and make themselves at home.

The city has also taken initiatives to safeguard the future by using solar heating and green roofs that assist in energy efficiency and sustainability. This ultra-green community even has solar powered garbage cans that compact trash to reduce waste and save energy.

One quick look at a bird's eye view of the village and all you see is green! Designers in the area that are responsible for the development did an amazing job utilizing rooftop amenities to cater to nature which gave residents more outdoor green space.

There are so many fun things to do now in Vancouver’s Olympic Village including:

Kayaking, Science World, Cycling the seawall, spending an afternoon checking out Olympic Village Square and a huge collection of restaurants and cafés.

In one of Canada’s biggest cities, why not check out this amazing Olympic Village and get a taste of what the future might look like in the way of energy efficiency, sustainability and green architecture. All while embracing the history that put Vancouver on the map.

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