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Unique Towns to Visit in Canada, Mabou, Nova Scotia

One of the greatest things about Canada is the vastness of its landscape and culture that resides all throughout its borders. Canada is the third largest country in the world, which means an abundance of beautiful landscapes, architecture, good food, great people and so much more. One of Canada’s hidden gems happens to be a little town on the west coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia called Mabou.

Mabou is a small rural community, well known for its history, Celtic music, and Gaelic culture. The village is renowned for its people, hospitality, beauty, and cultural strength, not to mention the landscape is breathtaking, and offers many picturesque trails and beachscapes.

Nova Scotia, and Cape Breton in particular, are known to be an extension of Gaelic and Scottish influence, and this little town does not disappoint. The village is the heart of a network of rural communities rich in the Gaelic tradition and stems its roots from the Highlands of Scotland, shaping itself down through the generations. Cape Breton music is not only the sound of fiddle and dancing feet but pays homage to the ancient tradition of the Gaels. They even have Gaelic included in the school curriculums!

There are two places that you must see while visiting this little town, The Red Shoe Pub and Glenora Distillery.

The Red Shoe Pub has become famous among tourists, visitors, and locals. It is famous for the food and hosting live music 7 days a week! Owned by the towns famous Rankin sisters, the pub has become a home away from home for the locals, and is a warm inviting atmosphere. Alike the town, the pub stays close to their Gaelic roots and celebrates traditional Celtic music and cuisine.

The Glenora Distillery also stays close to their roots by distilling North America’s Oldest Single Malt Whisky. Its history began in the early 1800’s when Scottish immigrants flocked to Cape Breton Island. Many of their traditions travelled with them including the making of Whisky.

This picturesque little town, snuggled just off the coast of Cape Breton, is a spot you need to visit. If you want a taste of Scottish history, tradition, food and music look no further than your own backyard in Canada’s beautiful scenic Maritimes.

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