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If Goldilocks Could Pick a Chair, So Can You

A take on furniture and its functionality.

Similar to any trend, furniture trends have their place in history. Interior designers are tasked with the responsibility of choosing fashionable yet functional pieces that compliment their spaces.


When entering a space with a strong personality, what would you describe? I bet you would mention the furniture…or at least comment on it. Space planning requires circulation, meaning enough space for movement of people. It works with the room to function as a circulatory element, allowing free movement or in some cases, to prevent it.


Furniture is also a major design element, highlighting its shape, form, colour and texture. Different spaces speak to different furniture styles, you wouldn’t find a park bench in your living room, or a massage table in your kitchen. The pieces are arranged by size, scale and proportion, contributing to the circulatory element in the room. The interior designs are made to attract the eye, and create a sense of harmony in the room.


In a lot of cases this is the fun part. What is your style? What do you want the space to say? Now that you have created circulation and harmony, you can create your mood board. Victorian vs. eclectic? Rustic vs. modern? Keep in mind the space and it’s functionality, then have fun with it.

ROD L. ROWBOTHAM, OAA, MRAIC CEO, President, Principal Architect

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