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Colour Palettes for Hotels

As hotel designers we thought we would share our take on the latest colour scheme trends! Choosing just one can be difficult as there are a lot of contributing factors. Check out our thoughts on our top picks for the latest trends.

Colour Palettes

Colours such as tan, deep brown, grey and other earth tones are popular paint choices as they hold minimal subconscious influence on the mood and are seen as sophisticated, modern, and relaxing. For designers, this palette, when accented with bright and bold coloured accessories trend positively.

Geographic Location

If you visit a hotel on your next Caribbean holiday, you may notice a lot of white, tan, soft grey and accents of blue and coral. This soothing palette puts the subconscious mind into a relaxing, holiday mode in harmony with the natural colours found outside. Whereas, if you visit a hotel in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, you will notice deep rich colours, like navy blue, evergreen, and wood accents. The hotel and the surrounding neighbourhood influence and inform the colour, tones and mood of the interior spaces.

Urban vs. Rural

Colour schemes can even differ between rural and urban areas. For example, in the hustle and bustle of New York City you will find deep, bold colours the evoke power, strength and sophistication, supported by pops of deep blue, white and orange or red. Whereas, if you travel to a rural destination, you’re more likely to find earth tones such as greens, taupe, light brown and white.


When searching options for your next stay you may recognize certain hotels because of their branding. There are several hotel chains that do this and rely on their branding colours to be recognized. For example. Best western Hotels are a deep blue, Motel 6 is a vibrant red and blue and Holiday Inn a light green. This means the interior designers will have to follow the brand guidelines and design some components of the interior with this colour palette in mind.

Luxury vs. Budget

In luxury hotels you may find calming hues of blue, green, and sophisticated neutral tones in contrast with yellows and other bold and outgoing tones. This palette when paired with deep neutrals such as dark grey, dark brown and white are trends you may find in recent hotel designs. Whereas budget hotels often present simplified and pragmatic palettes to express a simpler interior program with limited amenity spaces.

So, design trends are often derived from an understanding of how colour palettes affect mood, the location of the hotel and its surroundings, branding and level of luxury or services being offered. As designers we are challenged to combine these factors in several ways such that each project is a unique experience for the traveler. Consider the interior space of the next hotel you visit when traveling and how the interior designer’s creativity makes you feel.

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