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2023 Design and Colour Trends in Interior Design

Each year, we update our followers and clients with the latest design and colour trends, making news in the world of interior design. This year the interior design trends follow a similar theme characterized by a respect for the natural world through expression and sustainability.

This year’s interior design trends are inspired by bold and vibrant colours found in nature similar to Pantone’s Viva Magenta. The strong statement being made with Viva Magenta and other colours such as deep blue, as well as shades of greens and browns are often complimented with patterned accents. The effects are both striking and exciting. A perfect combination for both expressive and minimalist approaches!

This colour scheme is a perfect opportunity to bring vibrancy to a neutral space through carefully selected furniture, art, and carpets.

As an extension of the organic theme, interior design approaches to both condominium and hotel trends this year include natural stone slabs, muted colour palettes, indestructible fabrics and carpets, warm wood textures, statement pieces, complemented with soft modern designs.

Designers have also been incorporating large windows to bring natural light and positive energy to the interior's spaces. In a world still healing from the recent pandemic, now more than ever we are focused on positively affecting mental health with a more optimistic focus.

Other trends for 2023 include:

· Textured wallpaper

· Herringbone floor patterns

· Vivid accent colours

· Neutral colour wall pallets

· Vintage furniture

· “Chunky” wall art

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