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Coffee With a Designer Presents Senior Architect and Retired Partner, Denis Rioux

At onespace we love talking to people and continuously learn from their expertise and experiences. Our goal is to get inside their heads to find out what fuels their passions. We would like to present Senior Architect and Retired Partner, Denis Rioux.

When did you know you wanted to be an architect? And what made you choose this career?

"I did not know what an architect was or did until I was in Grade 9. We had shop one afternoon a week and rotated between woodworking, metal working, and Drafting. The teacher commented on the fact that I could grasp this concept quickly and suggested I consider architecture as a career. I did verify what an architect did and until end of high school I wavered between architecture and chemical engineering. But a poor relationship with a chemistry teacher in my last year sealed the future for architecture."

What is your favourite thing about architecture?

"I am not a designer type, but a hammer and nails person. I do appreciate good design and like to see it being realized, how it goes together, and to ensure that it will endure the test of time."

Where do you get your inspiration from?

"Looking at buildings going up in the built environment, trying to find out what and how it is conceived, and trying to improve on the technical aspects."

What has been your greatest achievement throughout your career so far?

"Besides Onespace? Being part of the evolution of architecture over the past 50 years and having been involved in many of the major building in Toronto. The jewel would be having been part of the group that designed and erected the CN Tower."

If you could choose any city in the world to live in, what would it be? And why?

"Quebec City because of its designation as heritage city and of its European Flair. Venice is a close second."

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