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That's a Wrap on 2020! Year End Regards From our President and CEO

As 2020 comes to a close, some business professionals feel a great sense of relief. It was a year of change and suffering measured by negative and frightening statistics regarding Covid-19 and the resulting economic fallout. Although we can appreciate and respect this was the case for some, we are fortunate it was not the full extent of our experience.

Onespace’s success in 2019 was greatly shaped by the dedication of our Clients whom found new and creative ways to stay connected with us. Although at times we were unable to meet in person, we had the benefit of avoiding challenging commutes to spend more time exchanging ideas and ultimately producing results. We managed daily expectations while remaining healthy. Through all the isolation, we made time for the little things to distract us from the world outside. We shared laughter together online and within our walls. For the strength of character and perseverance of our Clients and their teams, we are truly grateful.

History will likely paint 2020 as one of the worst years in recent memory and they’d be right for many reasons. Many have been sick and many have died. However, it may also be remembered as a year we did all did our best to overcome uncertainty to persevere and accomplish both business and personal objectives.

To our Clients and colleagues alike, the onespace team thanks you for your commitment and dedication to a brighter future. We are eager to share a better year upon the arrival of 2021. Until then, we wish everyone all the best for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!

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