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What Does Space Mean To You?

By definition, it is the area or expanse which is free, available or unoccupied.

For us, space provides opportunity to design unified architecture and interior spaces with clarity and vision as one team.

One Team

What does our team mean to us? It means everyone succeeds.

onespace believes in the creativity achievable when talented architects and interior designers come together, bringing out the best in one another to produce quality, cohesive environments.

One Vision

How do you measure vision? We think into the future using our unlimited imagination, wisdom and drive for success as our limit.

We move forward as one unit so we can achieve more.

One Space So what does onespace mean?…we are working in one space, for one space and with one space we all share. We know, as one unified team, our vision frees us to create an optimistic future driven by collaboration, resulting in a unified architecture and interior design to last a lifetime.

We are inspired to do amazing things, let us inspire you.

ROD L. ROWBOTHAM, OAA, MRAIC CEO, President, Principal Architect

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