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The Most Popular Condo Amenities

Condos are often the most affordable choice for first time homebuyers. But how do you choose the right condo? There are many factors that can determine what makes the home right for you, one of those being which amenities the condo building provides.

The Best Amenities on the market today?

Concierge desk

The concierge provides peace of mind by filtering the building’s visitors, ensuring that each guest is properly greeted and confirmed for entry upon arrival. In addition, they oversee deliveries such as mail, food and large parcels to ensure each is handled properly and arrive at the proper destination.

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Although the gym provided in your amenity space may not be as well-equipped as the commercial gym, they are well-equipped to handle most common exercise routines with the convenience of working out without leaving your building. There is no membership fee, and most gyms can be made available to residents 24/7.

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Rooftop terrace

As most condo buildings are built in urban areas, the outdoor space around your building may be quite limited. Rooftop terraces provide a sense of the outdoors while also avoiding crowded public spaces.

Many of these spaces include community gardens, BBQ pits or outdoor pools.

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Guest suites

A guest suite can be super helpful for many reasons; condo suites tend to be small – at least smaller than your average semi-detached home. A guest suite provides the convenience of having people over while giving them a place to stay if you already have a full house or just like the space. Some condos even provide a cleaning service when your guests leave.

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Party rooms

Party rooms are similar in the sense that they provide more space for you and your guests. Generally, these rooms are equipped with a full kitchen and even a bar – you just need to provide the food and drinks! All you have to do is book it with your concierge.

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Swimming Pools, Hot tubs, and Saunas

Now who wouldn’t want these… Not every building will have each amenity, especially the luxury of having pools and saunas, but they do exist! And they get regularly cleaned and managed, no fuss for you!

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You may even get lucky and find a condo building with a library or car wash, you just have to shop around. Keep in mind that these amenities could drastically change your monthly payments, so do some shopping around before making the final decision.

As for the designers, it is always fun designing each amenity room knowing its guests will enjoy the space.

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