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Designing Luxury

Can you visualize your ideal, luxurious condo suite specifically designed with all your desires in mind? What image to you wish to project? What is your colour scheme? Everyone is different and will likely define the issues to suit themselves. When working with your architect/interior designer, it is important to freely share as much information as possible so your design team can do their magic.


With the guidance of your design team, a program of desired spaces is created to reflect how you live. Private spaces such as bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms, offices, exercise rooms cater to personal needs while semi-private spaces such as libraries, living/dining spaces, conservatories and kitchens can express your character, status and style. Layout and flow between spaces is key to creating efficiency and a feeling of grandeur. Moving between spaces of varying ceiling heights, light level and scale can dramatically change how you feel as you move through connecting spaces.

Colour and Light

When designing a luxurious condominium suite, designers seek to optimize and make efficient all available space provided in the suite. Typically, luxurious spaces need to be gracious and/or grand in scale. Effective use of colour and light can manipulate space to feel large or quiet and intimate. This is especially true regarding natural light and views to exterior features. Bringing an abundance of natural light while highlighting views to key, exterior features can heighten a sense of personal importance and control over your surroundings.


Designers also utilize materials and textures to create emotional responses. More natural materials might be more suited to someone who enjoys the outdoors or the genuine quality of fine materials in their natural state such as stone or exotic wood. Uniquely fabricated, man-made materials may express rare characteristics reflecting the occupant. Art can often fulfill this need as well as unique materials used in artful ways. Designers will always strive to achieve the best representation of your character, values, dreams and desires when designing luxury condominiums.


CEO, President, Principal Architect

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