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Remote Work and the Design industry

The design industry is no exception to the shift in corporate life. Working remotely is getting easier and becoming widely accepted among organizations. The assumption that productivity only exists at the office is an illusion, there have been many industries and even some companies in the design industry that have been working remotely before the shift. Technology has been a wonderful asset during this transition and made connecting with others very simple, subject to the strength and reliability of Wi-Fi of course…!

Design firms are making the transition to fully remote work and finding the benefits highly rewarding. When employees have the freedom to work independently, the focus on everyday corporate etiquette shifts to a focus on the tasks at hand. Some companies are continuing the shift even after society has gone back to the workplace. Claiming that empowering their employees and trusting them to complete their work increased productivity and employee morale.

The shift to remote work has made a big impact on employees and even managing staff. After witnessing the success, companies have been asking employees what they wanted to accomplish their best work possible and tailored policies accordingly. Giving employees freedom and flexibility increased the outcome and value of their work, especially in dense cities where time spent in traffic was taken into consideration.

Simply put...get the job done and meet deadlines.

Can homes be a personal and professional?

Some would think the isolation of working from home would lead to a very lonely day. When in truth, modern technology has made connecting with colleagues and clients very easy. Remote work allows you to save a lot of commuting and daytime expenses. 5 coffee breaks a day? At least you don’t need to go anywhere in the cold!

Less distraction allows for higher productivity and more family time after work. Designers have had to find routine in the shift.


Communication and collaboration may slow down. The joy of working in a studio is the constant participation between designers, and the result not only being a finished product, but the satisfaction of partnership and teamwork.

Designers have had to figure out how to work without this satisfaction and teamwork of their colleagues.


One could argue that remote work is the natural habitat for a designer. Meaning uninterrupted creativity and a constant flow of work and ideas. Some designers find that their skills may be best mastered in the quiet of their own homes.

If there’s one thing, we know for sure is that designers love to design! So hey, this works out great! They get to design their own home offices, with as many monitors and drawing boards as their hearts desire!

What does this mean for onespace?

We have the best of both worlds. Our team is constantly interacting with each other to keep motivated and continue the sense of design-satisfaction. It is as simple as taking the drawing board home for the weekend. We view each other as one working and functioning team and trust that the work gets done on time and to the best of our ability.

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