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Inspiration for Designers

As others in the design industry may know, sometimes the spark for creativity can take a bit longer to engage. Here are some tips and tricks that we find helpful to kick start creativity.

Change your Environment

Putting yourself in a different or new environment may help inspire your mind in new ways. It is a perfect way to think out of the box and get into the mindset of other designers. Who knows, you may find a new technique or palette you just can’t live without.

Get Back to Nature

Take some time to get out into nature, whether that is a greenhouse in the city or a nice hike in the countryside. Taking a nature break is a great way to get out of your head and get some fresh air - and fresh perspective. Even better, meet some friends in the park for a picnic. Fun fact, socializing with loved one’s releases endorphins in the brain, making you feel refreshed and happy.

Kyle Magowan, unsplash

Music & Film

Everybody has their “jam” … that song that brings you back to exactly the person you are. The arts industry, including architecture and interior design, can be draining, as you are using your creative brain the entire day, and can sometimes get lost in it. Music has a way of clearing our mind. The same can be said for film. We all have those shows or movies that allow us to ‘turn our brains off’ some good old-fashioned mind-numbing television to reset the brain. There are amazing home and design shows on television today that can spark a ton of inspiration, Architectural Digest, various build series on YouTube, and not to mention the numerous home reno shows.

Mick Haupt, unsplash


The design industry is such a collaborative environment. Use your colleagues for knowledge and inspiration, collaboration allows your brain to accept different perspectives, expanding your own.

Pinterest & Vision Boards

Using social media to spark some inspiration is a wonderful way to kick start an idea into motion. However, Pinterest will only get you so far in your inspiration journey, there is so much content it may be intimidating. Give yourself a limited amount of time on platforms such as Pinterest and even Instagram and then try it out for yourself. Vision boards can draw inspiration from your own designs and ideas, you just have to be open to get those creative juices flowing.

Toa Heftiba, unsplash

Try Something New

On that note, try some new designs or techniques, sometimes retreating to the same design routine over and over will create a block. Exploring other designs and pulling from outside sources of inspiration will trigger some experimental techniques that give you fantastic results.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

It is easy to get stuck in a routine. If you are experiencing an inspiration block it is probably because you are doing the same thing repeatedly, which will not help you get inspired. Our comfort zones limit us in the things we allow ourselves to do. Now, let’s not get carried away, you don’t need to go skydiving to get inspired, although it may help! Something as simple as taking a weekend trip out to a new place and exploring new areas is an expansion and will help trigger new ideas you have been struggling to gather.


Travelling is an excellent way to spark inspiration. Often designers will travel as far as Europe to look at their favourite buildings, taking time to view and research their favourite designers and their work in person. Nothing is more inspiring than exploring the very reason you became a designer in the first place.

Roman Kraft, unsplash

Retail Therapy

I mean… who doesn’t love a good Home Décor store. Take a day and browse, there are so many new ideas that can be sparked by engaging some good retail therapy. The newest trends in home décor are vintage finds that can be taken home as is or refurbished to meet current industry trends. You can’t even watch an episode of Architectural Digest without someone mentioning their perfect vintage find.

At onespace we are always collaborating and using teamwork to produce our designs. We have a talented team dedicated to the work produced for the clients we work with, and when we need to, we leave some time for fun and inspiration.

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