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Home Therapy

Why should 2020 be the year that our homes feel more like a jail cell than an oasis?

In our opinion your home should and always remain a comforting atmosphere, where all your troubles get caught in the door on the way in. Anyone telling you differently is obviously doing it wrong.

We can’t help but feel as though 2020 has taken the best of us, and that being stuck inside seems like a never ending chore. What if instead of a jail cell, the walls that surround you could be the sanctuary you were so longing for, if not already.

I mean… what else are you going to do.

So here it is, some tips and tricks for home therapy.


Were all familiar with re-vamping something, wardrobe, diet, relationships etc. But how about your home? Re-vamp, re-arrange, re-explore the spaces and rooms. Change the furniture around, I dare you. Sometimes all you may need is a little change. Turn that tiny office into a cozy den, and make space for that dusty old guitar you’ve been avoiding getting around to playing.

Tidy Up

I get it. Getting up, going to work, come home make dinner, gym, bed. Repeat? No wonder your home is messy. But now is your chance to revitalize some of your spaces, especially your closet. Don’t think of it as a chore, because its not, its an opportunity to re-discover what you have in your home. Remember the dusty old guitar?

Projects for days

The leaky faucet? The broken closet door? say goodbye, now is your chance to give the place a little TLC. Not because you want to, because you need to. Maybe your kids have been dying for a treehouse? Make it a family project. It’s not about having all the time in the world, it’s about home therapy. The challenge is to make this home some place you enjoy being in all the time.

Hobby Space

Remember re-vamp? Well this goes hand in hand. Instead of working all day just to pay for a house you essentially, for the majority of the time sleep in, bring your hobbies to life! You love plants, but the winter takes a toll. How about an indoor green space so winter isn’t as white as everyone says it is. Maybe reading is your thing, and creating a nook surrounded by your books sounds like a dream. Or maybe that crowded garage can be cleaned out to get the work done on that vintage mustang. It’s your home, you make the rules.

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