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Decorating Trends for 2022

2020 and 2021 have forced a shift in design trends moving forward. What has come out of lockdown is the need to want to improve or change up one’s surroundings. Being home has given everyone the opportunity to become super picky about their spaces.

2022 will see a huge transition into the ongoing topic of minimalism, the décor, and its ideology. A Scandinavian approach if you will… simple and clean lines that serve multiple purposes.

Using natural materials and neutral colour palettes will be all the rage in 2022. The natural approach lends itself to a clean and fresh feeling, something society is longing for.

Even simple soft light fixtures are making a welcome comeback.

Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

The previous years have also forced people to stay out of restaurants and into their own kitchens. Design trends for 2022 forecast grand seamless kitchen islands made of marble or granite. This waterfall design is carefully crafted from a single piece of the material and cut on grain, making it the center piece of the room.

Another ongoing forecast in 2022, which is not new, but ever-growing is bringing the outdoors in.

Not only is there a great interest indoor/outdoor living, but a need for plant life. Every architecture or interior design magazine features a huge Palm, Ficus, or snake plant, and it’s noticeable. The change in air quality alone is enough to persuade the need for some greenery,

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Thrifting has also become a new favourite past time, making vintage finds extra special. A mid-century simple looking chair paired with a bold textile, some plants and you’re set. A touch of navy, moss green, or burnt orange will be the perfect accent needed to complete your look. Have an old chair or couch in the family? Re-upholstered furniture gives those vintage finds that modern flair.

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Next time you happen to drive by a garage sale or flea market, take a chance and stop in. You never know what you might find.

The team at onespace is capturing these trends in their latest designs. For instance, the latest condominium ‘The Danny’ under construction in Toronto. The public realms boast white walls to reinforce natural lighting and utilize natural textures such as woods and stones. A lack of window treatments and carpet contribute to the elegantly minimalist aesthetic.

In Onespace’s latest Senior retirement living located in Whitby, Ontario bringing nature in has proven to be of the utmost importance. Plants add luscious textures and a sense of depth to each interior space. Their distinct silhouettes and rich coloration break up the straight lines and dictate the interior space and its boundaries.

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