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Becoming Part of The Neighbourhood

How do you know if a neighbourhood is right for you? It is possible for your neighbourhood to define you in some ways, and shape your behaviour in others through its active culture. For example, a family with children may choose to occupy a typical subdivision. Whereas, a young couple may prefer the more active life style of a large urban city. But how do you know what is best for you?


While considering options for a desirable neighbourhood, it is important to first understand the people living there. Not to say you need to meet everyone passing by, but observe how they interact with one another and their surroundings. Remember, ultimately it’s the people that create the personality of places. You want to know people share something in common with you, and bring opportunity to become long-lasting neighbourhood friends.


Next item on the checklist – the influence of the architecture and spaces between them. Imagine for a moment that buildings are like people. Each has its own strength of character reminding us of our past or accelerating us towards the future. If you thrive in the comfort of the past, a walk amongst older, historic buildings may offer you time to reflect upon a time when the pace of life was slower. Alternatively, a fast-paced, modern urban centre may bring opportunity to stimulate your mind and body.


Last and perhaps most importantly – what do you need to make life better for you? Peace and quiet? Action and night life? Access to great shopping? Each neighbourhood can offer something different to suit your personal preferences. If you fall in love with more than one neighbourhood, take your time. Making a decision like this can be fun and provide opportunity to change things up a bit!


CEO, President, Principal Architect

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