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Architecture Humour - The Upside to Dating an Architect

Here at onespace we are slightly biased. We think interior designers and architects are pretty cool. Here are a few traits that you may benefit from having a designer in your life.

With the exception of their office desk… designers are impeccably neat

Enter a designers home and you will never find a piece of decor or furniture out of place. At any point in time the interior looks like it is ready for the camera crew of Architectural Digest. Upside? If you are artistically inept and can’t decorate to save your life, rest assured your designer significant other has it covered. Just never look in their office.

Free Tour Guide

Going to a new place? Maybe you’re traveling to a new city and want to do some sight-seeing. Your significant other will 100% high jack the sight-seeing tour. However, you will not be disappointed, rest assured – again – they will have had this trip planned for weeks, complete with all of the coolest buildings and monuments. Be prepared to have your architectural and art world blown.

No detail goes unnoticed

Let’s say you’re about to buy a new home for example, make sure you bring someone in the architecture field. No detail will escape their keen eyes, they will notice things you never even thought existed and save you from a real estate trap.

After all these people are tasked with designing visually appealing but stable structures that won’t crumble at your feet.

That being said, before inviting a designer over make sure the house is polished and clean, remember… they notice everything.

Cool pens for days

A designers supply is never small and never not cool. Need a cool pen or marker? You know who to call.

Your home will never look better

Not only are they neat, they are up to date on the newest and coolest trends. You can always trust that a designer will give you the best possible advice for creating an atmosphere that you will literally never want to leave. Doesn’t matter what trends suit your personality, they have it all covered, from gothic to modern, it makes no difference to them.

Designers are able to visualize a space even before it is conceived, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, it doesn’t matter.

At onespace we are lucky enough to benefit from dual services, both architecture and interior design. So rest assured, you get into a relationship with us… our team will absolutely not disappoint.


CEO, President, Principal Architect

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