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Architecture and Nature

In this modern age of debating, firstly the existence of climate change and secondly steps to remediate any damage done, we can’t help but think how architects and interior designers may have a part to play. It can be argued that we need the creative input from such disciplines now more than ever to help change our behaviour and how we use built spaces.

So, we ask ourselves, under their leadership how can architects and interior designers create spaces to more strongly support nature? We need people to embrace and preserve nature now more than ever, and what a better way to do so than to incorporate its’ essence into the spaces we use for work, living and playing.

We incorporate nature into our cities through the creation of naturally landscaped elements which greet the base of our buildings and open spaces like parks and formal gardens. A connection to nature makes us happy and reminds us we are not an observer but rather a part of it. We feel the environment change when venturing from the city to the countryside. We connect to our lungs as we breath in fresh air. We connect to our minds with clear, focused thought.

Architects and Interior Designers have the unique opportunity to rekindle this connection and make us more aware of the importance of how we fit into the natural world. Perhaps this awareness can help us to protect and then recover what we have already lost.


Rooftop gardens have become an efficient and effective way to utilize empty rooftop spaces while giving residents a beautiful garden amidst the urban jungle. These gardens create a space where residents can re-introduce themselves to nature. Many gardens have even been sectioned for home-grown food sources, as well and an environment for socializing.


Many architects are incorporating natural light into their designs to reduce the need for less-energy efficient artificial sources. One of the growing real estate trends includes massive windows that let in as much natural light as possible while meeting energy use requirements. This gives way for plenty of plant life within homes and even some indoor garden possibilities. As we all know, plants love lots of light.

Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials into new spaces seeks a way to apply renewable, environmentally friendly products into residences, offices and other types of buildings. Residents have been more focussed on bringing nature back to life. Architects have also started building into natural elements such as rock faces, hill sides and caves.

There is a unique bond that can be made between architecture and natural elements. It is exciting to see what will be created next.

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