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2022 Architecture & Design Trends

In recent years there has been a noticeable shift in design trends and how people are using their spaces. Condo owners are putting more value into work-life balance and outdoor living to help with the spike in mental health and environmental needs. A new age of technology has also taken hold of our lives, including how we use it to assist us at home. The convenience of having your lights turned on before you even enter the driveway, or simply saying “hey Siri” to get stuff done around the house boosts productivity.

So, what does 2022 have in store for us?

Home automation & Smart Homes

This trend has been creeping in slowly since laptops were invented. The now ever-convenient devices such as Alexaor Google Home make mundane or tedious tasks more fun. Turning on the lights? No problem, Heat? Just as easy…

These devices make your home feel like it has its own voice.

Architects and interior designers are now having to account for these devices in their design vision to accommodate this trend. Lighting, heating, and even appliances are all things that can be controlled by the smart home device. You no longer need to move from the couch to order all the groceries you need straight to your door.

Wide Open Spaces

Out with the old and in with the new, designers are breaking down walls to accommodate open-concept floor plans. Kitchens now flow seamlessly into dining spaces and living spaces as if it is all in one big room. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices seem to be the only rooms left with walls or doors!

Instead of having to navigate the mazes of walls and doorways, open concept living allows for seamless transitions between space, yes, but also opens the space up for more flexible uses in the home.


Minimalism has been present in many trends, not just architecture and design. People are finding minimalism in the clothes they wear, in their possessions, eating habits. More and more of the population is finding value in owning less.

With regards to design, building materials and décor are focused to simplify spaces.

For example, one type of flooring is being used throughout the home as opposed to multiple, hardwood for the living space, tile for the kitchen, carpet for the bedroom etc…

Open concept floor plan also falls into this category to eliminate excess structure and materials.

Let in the Light

White walls, stainless steel appliances and huge windows are the new way to make the space feel big, open, and bright. When the light from the outside reflects off the white walls, it makes the space appear larger.

Considering the view and installing floor to ceiling windows have become a very important aspect in design to connect indoor and outdoor living.

Home Offices

Since 2020 there has been a growing need for home offices. More and more professionals are making the transition from the corporate environment to part-time remote work. Designers are having to accommodate these changes and designing larger office spaces, maybe even more than one office in the home!

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