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No more grey, lifeless rooftops!

Whether it’s to be enjoyed with friends, host family get togethers or a place to enjoy a community garden, a beautiful outdoor rooftop space makes a huge difference to the condo owner living in dense, urban neighbourhoods. It is a common misconception that to live in downtown neighbourhoods you must forgo meaningful outdoor living spaces. This may have been the case in the past, but nowadays architects are designing outdoor rooftop spaces to become an integral part of the condominium lifestyle.

During the last couple years, when connecting with others has been tough, roof top lounges and/or outdoor spaces have provided opportunities for condo residents to get outside, enjoy the view, meet neighbours, and feel a sense of belonging and community.

In addition, many condo rooftops have become hosts and shelters to birds and populated beehives. Knowing that the building is playing a supportive role to nature allows residents to feel good about their purchase. Four-legged friends? You can be certain they enjoy the outdoor space to.

In general, rooftops have become a focus of environmental awareness and must be designed to suite “green roof” standards in most municipalities. What better way to incorporate green roof concepts into living spaces than by creating an outdoor garden? Creating a serene oasis where residents can not only contribute to sustainable living with outdoor garden space, but connect with nature, helps promote healthy living, both mentally and physically.

To create successful roof top spaces, Architects maximize views to the neighbourhood, plan intimate seating areas adorned with comfortable furniture, BBQs and firepits.

There is nothing better than heading up to the outdoor roof top lounge to have a drink with some neighbours after work or spending some family time alone on your private balcony. But the VIEW is what will get people talking. Architects know their designs inside and out and you can bet that they planned to get the best view possible for your rooftop amenity.

In the age of a growing population and shrinking condominium units, outdoor amenities have become increasingly popular. Next time you are on the market for a new condominium, have a look at what there is beyond your front door.

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