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The Power of Collaboration

During our youthful school days, many of us found group work to be problematic and challenging due to diverse personalities. However, having applied collaborative skills later as adults, we have come to realize that working within a team can be the most enjoyable and rewarding part of a successful day.

Why do I think collaborating is the key to success?

1. Inspiration

It inspires me each day to work with the creative team of professional architects, technologists and interior designers at onespace. We belong together. We share a common bond to improve the way we live, work and play. It’s a great feeling when human imagination is sparked from sharing ideas or exploring an approach not previously conceived. A fresh perspective allows me to see solutions from a different point of view and learn from those more talented or skilled than I may be. It’s a healthy growth opportunity.

2. The Creative Process

A well-informed design process is rarely done in isolation. There are a number of factors to be considered and many decisions to be made requiring contribution and expertise from others. Working with creative people not only enriches our team, but has opportunity to enrich the client and consultants as well. By extending our collaborative nature to include the consultants and clients, we further our pursuit of excellence through the exchange of ideas and debates towards the betterment of design.

3. Belonging to Everyone.

Collaborating means you are making meaningful connections with team members, both internal and external in the process. Ultimately, we get out of creativity what we put into it. At onespace, we take on every idea and perspective. We learn and listen to everyone’s opinions and aspirations and lean on the importance of sharing ideas. As a result, we benefit from providing the highest quality of both architecture and interior design services.

While collaborating may not always be easy, it will certainly help your business to innovate, grow and inspire those around you.

ROD L. ROWBOTHAM, OAA, MRAIC CEO, President, Principal Architect

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