Collaborative Projects


Occasionally we collaborate with other firms to assist them in their work. There are many benefits to collaborating, here at onespace we value the relationships gained when we join forces with other firms. 

Here are some examples of such projects.

9-storey / 91 unit / 100,902 SF Condominium and Townhome Development. Design by RAW Design.

A 27-storey / 284 unit / 284,630 SF Condominium with 39 Townhomes. Design by TACT Architecture.

The 130-unit mid-rise Beechwood Condominium in Ottawa's historic New Edinburgh neighbourhood brings a sophisticated design to an urban lifestyle that offers leisure and entertainment within walking distance. Design by TACT Architecture

A new 47-storey, 440 unit Condominium in the heart of Toronto. Design by TACT Architecture.